Frequently Asked Questions

We help employers and candidates find the right fit

To apply for opportunities at Hire Hub Recruitment, you can visit the ‘careers’ or ‘Join our Team’ section. There, you can apply to join our agency and we will contact you if a job becomes available that we think you are suited to. You will also find information about current job openings and details on how to apply and submit your application for a specific job opportunity. Make sure you carefully review the requirements and follow the guidelines to ensure your application is considered.

Hire Hub Recruitment offers a diverse range of healthcare and dentistry positions. These may include such roles as ODP’s (Operating Department Practitioners), scrub nurses, nurses, recovery nurses, anaesthetists, dental hygienists and also carers.

As a recruitment agency, Hire Hub Recruitment focuses on connecting qualified professionals with healthcare and dentistry organisations. While we do not directly provide training or professional development programmes, we encourage continuous learning and growth. Many of the positions we offer may require ongoing professional development, and we support out candidates in accessing relevant training opportunities.

Working with Hire Hub Recruitment offers several benefits. We provide access to a wide network of reputable healthcare and dentistry facilities, offering diverse job opportunities and the potential for career advancement. Additionally, our team is dedicated to supporting your job search journey, providing guidance, and helping you find the best fit for your skills and career goals.

The duration of the recruitment process can vary depending on various factors, including the specific position, client requirements, and the volume of applications received. We strive to review applications promptly and keep candidates informed throughout the process.

Yes, Hire Hub Recruitment offers opportunities for temporary or contract-based positions in addition to permanent placements. Temporary roles can provide flexibility and diverse experiences within healthcare and dentistry settings. We work closely with our candidates to understand their preferences and match them with suitable or temporary contract positions based on availability and client needs.

The selection process for pre-qualified candidates involves a thorough review of your qualifications, experience, and skills. Our recruitment team assesses each candidates profile and matches them with appropriate job opportunities based on client requirements. If you meet the criteria for a specific position, we will contact you to discuss further steps.

As a pre-qualified candidate, you have the advantage of being considered for suitable job opportunities before they are advertised publicly. Our team at Hire Hub Recruitment will reach out to you when we identify a match for your skills and qualifications, and will proactively connect you with relevant job opportunities.

If you don’t see any current job openings that are right for you, we recommend joining our community of agency workers. By registering with us, you will be considered for upcoming job opportunities that align with your qualifications and will be contacted accordingly.

No, there are no fees associated with joining the pre-screened worker pool at Hire Hub Recruitment. It is a free service we provide to connect qualified candidates with potential job opportunities in the healthcare and dentistry fields.

By partnering with Hire Hub Recruitment, you gain access to a wider range of job opportunities. Our team will review new job opportunities and proactively contact you when we identify a suitable position that matches your qualifications, skills and experience. As a member of our agency, you will benefit from the opportunity to work with reputable healthcare and dentistry organisations.