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At the forefront of Hire Hub Recruitment are two directors whose unique backgrounds add an in-depth understanding and credibility to our operations. One director brings first hand clinical knowledge honed through years as a trained Midwife. Having first hand insight in to the healthcare eco system, her expertise enriches our recruitment process, ensuring we place candidates who can deliver the highest standard of care. Out other Director, backed with a legacy of a family who owned and managed nursing homes and homecare services across the UK, provides a comprehensive understanding towards the administrative and operational sides of the healthcare industry. Their rich heritage in healthcare ensures our strategies align seamlessly with the expectations of the organisations we serve, thus reinforcing credibility. Together, they bring together the perfect blend of clinical understanding and administrative acumen, ensuring Hire Hub Recruitment stands as a prominent name in healthcare staffing solutions.

With a strong ethos grounded in integrity, respect, and empathy, Hire Hub Recruitment strives to connect top candidates with the right healthcare organisations. We foster a culture of team work and transparency, navigating the recruitment process with compassion and efficiency. We understand that qualified and experienced healthcare staff are invaluable assets, and we treat them as such.

Our company’s motto is, We care beyond employment.

40,363 Nurses
Left the NHS In 2022
95% Struggling to recruit
in the healthcare industry
2000 Dentists
Left the NHS in 2022

Finding the right people for the job can be hard.

Our vision is rooted in the belief that healthcare is a fundamental human right, not just a service. We empower healthcare excellence by meticulously identifying, recruiting, and placing individuals whose skills, dedication, and integrity align with the highest standards of care. Our agency serves as the bridge that connects healthcare organisations with the talented professionals who can drive positive transformation. At Hire Hub Recruitment, we are committed to opening doors for healthcare organisations and professionals alike. We envision a world where skilled individuals find opportunities that align with their aspirations, and where healthcare facilities are equipped with exceptional talent to provide unparalleled care. By forging these connections, we contribute to crafting brighter futures for all.

- Capable, Qualified, Exceptional Staff
- DBS Checked Candidates
- A Passion for Quality Patient Care

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